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Knowledge is King! The more you know about the breeder of your potential new German Shepherd Puppy, the better decision you can make about buying a puppy that will meet your needs and fulfill your expectations of your new puppy.

Here is a trip down Memory Lane. What I am today, and what your puppy from me will be like is based on all my experience, so here goes…

My involvement in dogs has gone on for more than forty years now! I began as a Junior handler, showing Collies (like Lassie) in AKC Conformation beauty shows when I was 12 years old in 1965. I switched to the calmer Samoyed breed in the early 1970’s, but discovered how wonderful German Shepherds are in 1975. I found out the German Shepherds are just as smart as the Collie, with out the hyper and vocal personalities of many Collies. They were calm like the Samoyed, but easier to train. For me, the German Shepherd is the perfect dog!

I began also competing in AKC obedience trials in 1976 with my first German Shepherd “Pepper” when she was only 8 months old. She earned her Companion Dog title in 8 days! Pepper was my foundation female. She earned her Companion Dog Excellent title by 2 years old, and her Utility Dog degree which was the highest AKC obedience title in that day by the time she was 3 years old. Pepper was also the FIRST GERMAN SHEPHERD IN THE USA TO WIN AN ALL-BREED HERDING TRIAL back in 1978.

I started training Pepper for Schutzhund (German sport police dog) and she won HIGH IN TRIAL at her first Schutzhund test in 1979. In her life, I showed Pepper to her (beauty) Championship, Tracking dog title, Companion Dog Title, Companion Dog Excellent title, Utility Dog title, Herding Trial winner, Schutzhund 1, Schutzhund 2 and the highest level Schutzhund 3. Pepper won HIGHEST SCORING DOG I TRIAL in all her Schutzhund tests! Not a bad start. I Have bred/raised, trained and personally titled my dogs to over 40 Schutzhund titles over the years, and in fact I still hold a world record in Schutzhund having titled SIX owner trained/titled dogs in just one trial (two Schutzhund 1’s, two Schutzhund 2;s and two Schutzhund 3’s). I bred Pepper to a top German Import and my German Shepherd breeding career (obsession) had begun!


·         I developed the Police Dog Certification guidelines for the City of La Mesa CA. and was the Head Trainer of the police dogs and handlers for several years.

·         I owned a dog training school and ran both obedience classes and trained Personal Protection Dogs for 25 years

·         I was a founding member and training director of both the Torrey Pines Schutzhund Club and the Aztec Schutzhund Club

·         I earned the Diamond Award of Merit Metal for having personally trained and titled 13 of my dogs from Schutzhund 1 through Schutzhund 3 from the United Schutzhund Club of America

 ·   I was a Contributing Editor for Dog Sports Magazine for years writing Nationally published articles on Working German Shepherds.

·         I studied Dog Behavior, Dog Phycology and German Shepherd Genetics

·         I owned and operated a licensed German Shepherd kennel in San Diego for over 40 years always receiving glowing recommendations from kennel inspectors as well as recognition that my dogs were of the highest caliber. Even the Director of Animal Services for San Diego County AND their Dispatcher got their German Shepherds from me!

·         My foundation Stud Eros was the grandson of my first German Shepherd Pepper. He was the Vice Sieger (2nd in the National Championship) as the German Judge said “it is too bad he is solid black or he would have been Sieger” The judge liked the saddle style color, but could not deny Eros’ quality. Eros also attained his Tracking Dog Title, IPO3 (international Sport Police dog), his Companion Dog Excellent title and his Schutzhund 3 title, and earned his V rating beauty Championship SEVEN TIMES OVER as well. No solid black born in the USA has matched his accomplishments and quality. Eros died in 1997 at 12 years old. I have frozen semen from Eros at the Canine Cryobank, so will be having Eros puppies again in the not too distant future!

  Pharaoh vom Grunenfeld was the Adult Sieger in the USA Sieger Show in 2001, and he was the Grandson of Eros (above) and World and German Sieger Ulk von Arlett. I have frozen semen stored from Pharaoh so he will be used in my breeding program again in the future! Pharaoh at 3 months old, and as an adult.


   This is Pacific Coast Sieger V- Obelix von Arkanum, sire of Paraoh, and son of German and World Sieger Ulk von Arlett, and nephew to German and World Sieger Lasso vom Neuenberg! Incredible bloodlines, beauty and character. I have frozen semen stored from Obelix so one day I hope to have puppies from him again!

 I am very careful as to what dogs I include in my breeding program. I want to be sure the dog does not ‘Just look good on paper’, but that it is an excellent dog in all ways. I studied the German language in college so I could talk to the breeders directly each time I traveled to Germany to select new stud dogs and bloodlines to import back to my kennel. Here are a few of the males I selected and brought home to the USA. V-Zarry vom Haus Antwerpe SchH3 and SG-Ibo vom Braunschweiger Wappen SchH3.

·     My life has always revolved around animals. My passion for German Shepherds continues to this day, and will continue into the future as well! The wonderful puppies I produce bring me joy, and they have enriched the lives of several hundred people and families over the decades. I also have donated many dogs to work as service and therapy dogs that improve the lives of their owners in ways you can only imagine. I support our Military and First Responders (active or inactive) with a 10% “Thank you for your Service” discount.

German Shepherds have an average life span of 10-12 years, with a few lucky ones reaching 14-15 years old. Once you have had a high quality German Shepherd you will not be satisfied with anything less! You will be very pleased with one of my puppies. Please go to my Puppies For Sale page. (CLICK HERE) I only have a few litters a year. If I currently have puppies they will be posted there. If I do not currently have puppies please consider joining my Priority Waiting List. My puppies ARE worth waiting for!

If you would like to read what my puppy buyers have to say about their dogs, please check out the Testimonial page. (CLICK HERE).

If you buy one of my German Shepherd puppies please DO stay in touch with me. I love photos and to hear how my ‘dog kids’ are doing. If you see me at a dog show please stop and say hello!

Once you have had a good shepherd, you have been spoiled for life.  For those that have not yet had the pleasure, purchase one of our German Shepherds and see what you have been missing

Below you will see how Merlin, one of my main stud dogs, traces back 7 generations of my breeding all the way back to my original German Shepherd "Pepper". Each dog below was bred to a dog of German/European bloodlines so I have maintained The German Quality through out my entire breeding program!

Merlin is the son of Yerick Yerick is the son of Revelie Revelie is the daughter of Liebe
Liebe is the daughter of Eros Eros is the son of Alexa Alexa is the daughter or my first GS "Pepper"

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