Vom Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde Kennel

Solid Black AKC German Shepherd Puppies

We now accept PayPal! You can use your account balance with PayPal and you can use your Credit Cards through PayPal!  There is an additional 3% service fee if you pay using PayPal. Shipping is a flat fee in the lower 48 states of $450 on puppies under 10 weeks old. Older puppies slightly higher. It includes a Veterinary Certificate of Health, the travel crate, comes with AKC registration, health guarantee, my Puppy Care and Feeding guidelines, and my Proper Puppy Manners Training guide. Price $1,999, and shipping is $450 if needed). 

ALL BLACK Puppies born 4-19-19. Ready Now. See puppy photos below the parent photos 

Sire Merlin Dam Ate"

Ate-Merlin pups 6-27-19

Here are the dog kids (1 male and 5 females)

.Here is the pedigree!

Merlin vom Schwarze-Hunde “A” Protection Dog

Yerick vom Grunenfeld “A”

Protection Dog

V-Zarry vom Haus Antwerpa SchH3, IPO3, KKL1 A H & E

V-Don vom Clausberg SchH3, IPO3, FH2 KKL1 A-1 H & E

SG-Gritt vom Liehberg SchH1, KKL2 A-1 H & E

SG Reveille vom Grunenfeld „A“

SG-Fire vom Zwilling Bach SchH3,KKL2

Liebe Leben vom Grunenfeld „A“ Protection Dog

Giezella vom Schwarzwe-Hunde “A” Protection Dog

SG-Ibo vom Braunschweiger SchH3, KKL2A

SG Olix von den Wannauer Hφhen SchH3 , FH1, KKL1A

SG-Trine vom Braunschweigerwappen SchH1, KKL1A

Onora vom Grunenfeld „A“

Protection Dog

SG-Fire vom Zwilling Bach SchH3,KKL2,“A“

SG-Diedra vom Grunenfeld „A“

Ate‘ vom Schwarze-Hunde „A“

Kwest vom Haus Simmons „A“

Protection Dog

SG-Gordon vom Fuchesgraben SchH3, KKL1A World Champion

V-Vito vom Waldwinkel SchH3, KKL1A (10 x SchH3, 2 x LanddeSieger)

SG-Natstija Cega Ram SchH3, FH, KKl2A

F-Tasha vom Haus Simmons :A:

Protection Dog

SG-Marco von Haus Gayler SchH3, A

Della vom Haus Simmons BH, OFA Protection Dog

Kahlua vom Saltzblick „A“

Protection Dog

V-Skotch vom Saltztalblick SchH3, KKL1A

V Athos von der Querlenburg SchH3, KKL1A

V-Ivett vom Salztalblick IPO-3, SCH-3, FH-1, RPD-3 KKL1A

V-Darcy von Kreative SchH 1, „A“

V-Vanesko vom Salztalblick IPO-3, SCH-3, FH-1, RPD-3 KKL1A

SG Donjana vom Salztalblick, RPD3 “A”


email: 4GermanShep@gmail.com

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