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Grunenfeld Kennel is Wonderful

We are about to acquire our fourth German Shepherd Dog.  In the course of 52 years of marriage our dogs have included a Samoyed, A Great Dane and a Australian Shepherd.  We loved them all.  The we discovered the German Shepherd Dog!  A Grunenfeld German Shepherd Dog.  After the questionnaire we completed for Jackie and a few chats Even Leader came to live with us. 

Leader was a magnificent Red and Black that pranced when he walked. He enjoyed the admiration of our entire neighborhood.  Leader became a service dog for my wife as she had developed Multiple Sclerosis.  Leader quickly became her helper.  He followed her everywhere she went just waiting for the opportunity to be helpful.  He travelled with us everywhere including a small place in a California Canyon   Truth be told, while he loved to run and roam among the cattle, turkeys, quail, and every other animal around, he really enjoyed sitting in the vinca under a bird bath and watching the birds. Unfortunately Leader contracted stomach cancer and died at the age of seven. Leader’s ashes rest under the same bird bath and his leash is hung in the ranch house.

About a year and a half past and we went back to Jackie for another GSD.  Jackie sent us Bellisima. Bella had delivered 3 litters and was retired.  Jackie referred to Bella as “her couch potato”. And sure enough, the first thing Bella did when she came to our house was to hop up on the couch.  By this time we had two very young grandchildren, a boy and a girl, living with us.  The very first day Bella arrived home our granddaughter, Kiera, wandered around the house and out of sight.  Bella immediately went after her, grabbed her by her diaper, and escorted Kiera back to where we had all gathered.  That one act cemented a lifetime relationship between Kiera and Bella that ended only when Bella passed at the age of 13.  Kiera keeps Bella’s tags and collar in a special box in her room.  To this day it is hard for Kiera to think of Bella without crying.

About Bella’s eighth year we decided to bring in a friend for Bella.  We were getting older and could not exercise Bella as much so we went back to Jackie once again.  Why break a good relationship?  So we brought into our family a new GSD named Greta.  The two shepherds became fast friends and loved to play keep away with each other.  The one thing Bella passed on to Greta is Bella’s love for Kiera.  Greta waits patiently each day for Kiera to return from school and then goes crazy!  If you do not believe a German Shepherd can dance you should come visit when Kiera gets home.  Greta is as sensitive as a GSD can be. She sits with me each day in the backyard as I try to work through my PTSD. She knows when I get depressed, she knows when I get angry, she just knows me very well.  But then she is a German Shepherd Dog.

And now Greta enters her sixth year with our ever changing family and we have decided to bring in our fourth German Shepherd Dog.  As I write our newest came into the world about 4 days ago.  He will join us sometime in late November or early December.  Jackie Athon has become a close “relative” of ours as she has always selected just the right dog.  She knows us and she knows her German Shepherd

 Dogs even better.  Our relationship has grown into a friendship.  If I am having a problem with one of our shepherds Jackie explains in such a way that I discover it is not a problem but rather a challenge – Jackie makes us better dog owners.

Frank and Kathy R


Hi Jackie, I sent you these pictures through your Facebook page.   However, I’m not sure if you received them. 
I just wanted to share with you two pictures of my boy,  Kona.  The first picture is Kona, today on his  
12th birthday, April 3, 2020. The second picture is Kona on his first birthday on April 3, 2009. He is  a product 
of Armin and Quik Sally.  His number is P VG 08 male-Kona.  

We have been very blessed that he is in very good health. He is definitely slowing down, 
with some mild arthritis. But all in all he is doing very well. I am so glad that you are making 
a new life in Kansas, breeding German Shepherds.  Thank you for what you do!  Feel free to share on FB.  
I would love for your followers to see this.

Very warmly, JENNIFER and Kona


Just wanted to let you know I was out for my morning walk w/Prince when the sheriff's dept. for our county stopped me to ask all about Prince. The officer had two gsd's at home & oversaw the canine unit here. we are a rural area but they have two k-9's that are "multi-purpose". He couldn't admire Prince enough, & asked all about you and your dogs, which I shared....Prince sat at left side on my sit command the whole time while we talked. (about 10 minutes). He did you proud. It goes w/o saying, I get compliments all the time on Prince. as i did with previous dog from you (Zelda).

Michelle P

Hot Springs, AR


Hi Jackie,
Just a quick note to tell you how great the puppy is doing. I had my family over for Thanksgiving and they were amazed that the puppy could sit, down, stay, 
come and ring a bell to go outside (at 10 weeks old). This puppy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have had different breeds of puppies before but 
nothing compares to this pup. He stays right with me...is not afraid.... is not aggressive..... great with nieces and nephews....and very curious. I am thoroughly 
enjoying my "Hero" and thank you for raising such wonderful dogs.
Ed A

Hi Jackie,

  Well it's been about six months since your e mail that the V litter was born and I thought I would drop a note since he is six months old now.


   "Orso" which means bear in Italian is his name and he is doing just great. He is absolutely the best GSD I have owned and that's not to say each one was not special in their own way but he is really everything I was hoping for and I am so pleased I picked the right breeder.
  He is 55 lbs and solid as a rock. He runs the beach in front of the house every day chasing sea gulls down by the waters edge where the sand is firm and we stay out of the deep sand when we go for walks. He just cant seem to get it, they are not going to wait for him to catch them before taking off. He stalks them like a cat. LOL!!
  Thank you for choosing my dog. You really did a great job and should be so proud of your breeding program. Not only is he smart, but is growing so well with no health issues. 

My Veterinarian told me honestly that she feels German Shepherds are aggressive dogs which I told her was total BS and Orso is changing her mind about the breed, and she complemented me on the fact that maybe she has been blaming the breed  instead of their owners because he was not like any other clients GSD's and was so social and obedient. 

Your instructions for amount to feed and supplements etc. has been spot on and I will continue your instructions. His coat is so black that when he gets a bath he almost looks blue black when he dry's and fluffy.

 If it sounds like I am happy with my dog, you're right. I almost wish I had bought two!

 Thanks again,
Tom F
Hi Jackie,

Wow!!  The puppies are really cute -  I really enjoyed meeting them all - especially enjoyed when you opened the door to your home and it seemed like the room we were sitting in got flooded with adult German Shepherds - that was really awesome and something I'll never forget!
Thanks for sending the pictures, you made my day!
Dear Jackie,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and for our beautiful GS puppy-Max.  I have to tell you his personality is such a perfect fit for our family.  He is such a rambunctious, energetic, and tough little guy.  As you know, we have an almost one year old Lab mix girl at home and two young children.  Now each child feels as if they each have a dog!  Max had no reservations checking out his new and forever home.  He and Clover play all day and when he is tired he has no problems letting her know!  Clover just loves Max and is so gentle with him!  He is a very confident little guy and he really likes to cuddle.  He also gives lots and lots of kisses.  He truly is a wonderful little guy.  Of course I use the word "little" very lightly as he is almost half the size of our almost one year old lab-mix!  His paws are huge, his fur is so fluffy and soft, and his demeanor is absolutely amazing.
Now, I also have to share with you that one of my sister's friends is a vet.  She forewarned us not to be shocked when the puppy arrives that he might be dehydrated, lethargic and just really tired for a day or two.  Naturally, we worried a bit about the puppy flying in and all.  We took all your suggestions and arrived at the airport to pick up our little guy.  There he was just calm as can be in the crate waiting for us.  As soon as he heard our voices he came forward and was wagging that adorable tail of his!  When I opened the door he was a bit hesitant and I helped him out.  I was greeted with affectionate kisses and an energetic puppy who was just happy!  He was NOT dehydrated, he was NOT lethargic, and he was NOT tired or anything else negative.  He did need a bath, LOL!!!
We had a short drive home, only 10 minutes and when we got home we introduced him to our children, Clover our other pup, and a bath!  He drank water and ate his kibble and rice cereal.  He had a quite normal bowel movement his first night and regular urination.  He did not sleep all night but I don't know any young puppies that do.  He is quite the amazing puppy.  He is absolutely adorable, friendly, energetic, frisky, confident, affectionate, and just awesome. 
Jackie your efforts as well as ethical practice as a breeder truly exemplify in the quality of dog you produce not only in looks but demeanor as well.  We look forward to keeping you updated and thank you again for Max.

Sincerely, Kamila

Hi Jackie! Just writing you to give you an update. Nate is doing great!!! He is being obedient & getting acquainted with our house. 

Thank you so much for everything and all of the advice- He is wonderful!


Hi Jackie,
We bought a male from your "Z" litter (red collar, medium drive) born in February, 2009 and took home late April.  I just want to tell you that Charger is a very handsome dog and very, very smart!!!  We have not had one issue with him misbehaving and he gets along well with our male Golden Retriever, Jake.
We have him enrolled in K-9 school, he is in intermediate class now.  Eventually, we hope to enroll him in their search and rescue program, hopefully to be utilized some day.
Everyone and I mean everyone who sees Charger tells us that he absolutlely beautiful!  We are so happy with him.  You do have beautiful dogs (we tell everyone where we got him) and when we want to get another German Shepherd you are certainly the person we will get him from!!!
I check your website often for pups and again very nice looking.
Hope all is well.

Hi jackie,

Just thought I'd give you a quick update. Osti is doing fine. She has brought great joy to the house as I have had two dogs cross the 
rainbow bridge since December and recently lost my father. Her enthusiasm for life and energy has been a source of entertainment. 
She is the reason I get out of bed in the morning as she 'sings' when it's time to get up. She's even is kind enough to wait till 
the alarm goes off. Thanks for a GREAT dog.

Patty and Richard 

Hi Jackie,

Just wanted to let you know that Zvezeda is doing wonderful.  We both adore her!!!  Anybody that worries about "bonding" with an older dog is crazy.
Steve had "fallen hard" in a major way for her in just the first week.  They are almost inseparable.  At first he was considering a puppy but now that we
have Zvezeda he can't believe how easy and wonderful it is to have such a beautifully behaved adult.  She is still so frisky, too. We are taking your
advice and not playing much with her the first couple of weeks but she seems to really want to.  We took her to the beach one morning last weekend.  She
was so intrigued by the big fat seagulls just standing there in front of her on the sand.  She got very frisky and bit at a couple small waves and tossed
bits of kelp up into the air.  She is so much fun and relaxed in such a short period of time.  We are really looking forward to seeing her whole
personality blossom as she gets more and more used to her new surroundings. Between the two of us Zvezeda gets almost 24 hour human companionship.  
Thank you Jackie for such a WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL companion dog.



I know it's annoying when people brag about their new kids and pets, but I can't help it.  This dog is real smart.  He is already crate trained and we are following the Monks crate housebreaking and feeding and play time schedule that is incorporated.  It's food,  in crate and then rest for 20 minutes in crate.  Then take out and offer water and take for potty and walk.  Then back to home for a short play time and then back to crate, etc.

The second night, last night, he did not wine at all and cried to go out once at 3:30 and then at 6:00 am.  He is walking on the leash already and sitting, which we started immediately.  He never balked at the collar which was amazing and did not seem to mind the leash.  Your dogs are awesome and so are you.

Barbara and Lee

Hi Jackie! How are you?! This is Natalia!  How have you been? We haven't spoken in such a long time! How are the dogs? Do you still go to the police dog training? Anyway, Spencer and Charley are fine. Charley follows me everywhere and he always wants to be with me! I guess it's because he is my dog and even though he is 3, he STILL tries to fit in my lap! Like when I am watching tv, he gives me a puppy dog look thinking that he is gonna be able to sit on my lap, but I just scratch his ears. He is so big! 
Hi Jackie,
I just wanted to update you on the puppy we received from the "B" litter.  His official name was Bear, but we have called him "Grizzly".  He has been a wonderful addition to the family.  He has tons of personality and he is noticed everywhere we go.  A single day does not go by without hearing how beautiful he is.  At just a little over 4 months, we see him developing a sense of protection more and more each day. 

Manny A.

Hi Jackie,
Just wanted to send you a pic of Rex... He's doing great... Been going to Obedience classes twice a week since he was 4 months ( He's now 10 months ), we practice almost everyday...He's my best friend... He's the greatest !
Hope your doing well... Charles Lightfoot

Dear Jackie,

Just a quick note to update you on two male littermates we adopted from you during December, 1998.  I'm sorry that can't recall their formal names, but Hans & Tsar have been the joy of our lives these past seven years.  They remain the envy of everyone we meet; they're very obedient, yet, at seven-plus years old (born 1 Nov 98), they still love to play ball and tug-of-war!!  It's so entertaining to watch them, as they have such different personalities.  Hans is a few pounds heavier than Tsar at 103#, and is the ultimate obedient and gentle dog who nonetheless is extremely protective of my wife.  Hans is also the "alpha" of the two.  Tsar gets in "trouble" the most, yet his mischievous looks when he knows he's done something not quite to my standard makes me try not to smile.

I continue to recommend you to my clients and friends.  In fact, the occasion of looking up your web site was just that.  I hope you're still having as much fun breeding and raising your dogs as you used to, and my best wishes to you for the holidays.

Semper Fidelis, Sean

Hi Jackie,
Had some nice pictures of Boris and a beautiful sunset at Glamis. He is such a natural camping dog. LOVES IT!!! He is just about 8 months old is getting to be such a BIG boy. We love him dearly and he entertains us constantly. I can't believe how smart he is. While camping my niece was pretending to cry with her hands over her eyes and Boris started whining and went over and nudged her until she stopped. He is so interested in us and how we are doing.
When people compliment his looks and then personality I always have to give credit to the wonderful breeding!!! Someone at the desert even asked if he was a police dog. My grandma still can't get over the fact how big his ears are but he is slowly growing into them and his big head. :)
Take Care, April B.



Hi, Jackie. Just an update on Elvis. He had his first visit to our local highly recommended vet here in La Crescenta, Dr. Mitchell at Rosemont Animal Hospital. She said he is "perfect". She was very impressed with his looks, range of motion in legs and general all around health and disposition. Annmarie and I couldn't believe how calm he was throughout the visit. He did not flinch when any shots were given. The staff loved him and kept complimenting him on his looks...everyone agreed he will be BIG.

We told everyone what a beautiful Dad and Mom he has and what a great breeder as well. Dr. Mitchell agreed with what you listed in your care and feeding document. Even the rabies shot timeline as she noted that some Shepherds have a knack for skin disorders, and early Rabies vaccination can be a contributing factor in developing them.

  He a love and very bonded with us. What a great dog.

Talk to you soon. Tom and Annmarie

Hi, Here are some pictures of Laica Schatzi Von Grunenfeld. Schatzi just turned one on 9/5/05.  She is a WONDERFUL animal.  We love her to pieces.  And she gives us joy everyday.We had her in a local dog show...... she had the highest overall score for obedience and also got two trophies for the German Shepherd class, at only 6 months old!  We were quite proud of her that day.  I don't remember her obedience score, but she did everything almost perfect.  ( I think she lost points from the handler!) We took the summer off for training, but we are starting back up this week.  (we live in Calexico where it's 120 in the summer) And she seems to be very good with her sniffer......we hide in many different places, and she follows the trail exactly

Schatzi just started her second heat cycle last week. She weighs about 63 pounds (1 year old now!) and seems to get bigger every day.  Her coloring is starting to get more red. And she is all around the most beautiful dog.  We take her camping almost every week-end.....and every time we take her for a walk, she gets compliments, and we have given your name as a referral to a couple of people.

Our future plans for Schatzi are to obtain her Canine good citizenship award, and then have her become a certified therapy dog.  We belong to our local AKC chapter, and we are bringing in a therapy certifier person in January 2006.
Well, sorry to take up so much of your time......I just thought I'd let you know, you produced another fine GSD!  Who probably gets way to much love from us. But she deserves it.
Thanks, Kori & Bryan

Hi Jackie,

I'm not sure if you remember me but I got the puppy back in Aug of 2002 ("H" litter).My kids and I picked him up 
from you in Oct 2002. I just wanted to let you know Duke is doing just great. No signs of any problems. In fact he's got more energy than any living creature I know of :-O We all love him and he still licks anyone's face who gets too close. 

Whenever people see him when we're out walking they always remark on what a beautiful dog he is. I've not really had the time for any formal training but he's picked basic commands like sit, stay and come. He even figured out that I wanted him to sit and stay at street crossings and now does that and waits for me to say OK before he crosses. He's really a joy and I want to thank you again for a wonderful experience dealing with you. I always make sure to tell people about you when they ask where we got him.

Hope you had a great holiday.
Steve W.

Hi Jackie,  

I was going to tell you - I took Brinly to the vet yesterday.  Our Vet was very complimentary of her and kept saying what a pretty and healthy puppy she was.  I figure that on some level they probably say that to everyone when they bring in a puppy.  Dr. Hutson was up front. She told me she saw another German Shepherd puppy that day but he was not as healthy and not as pretty as Brinly.  She wanted to know where I got such nice dog.  We visited for awhile. I told her about you and gave her your website.  She had German Shepherds growing up and was really impressed with Brinly. Just thought you'd like to know you were talked about and complimented.


Hi Jackie,
Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was in Colorado.
The picture I sent you of Panzer was taken at 6 months. It was just before a growth spurt. At 8 1/2 months Pan weights 76 lbs. and looks lean. He got a general check up today, and the Vet said he's perfect.  Once again no one could believe he was only 8 months because his manners and temperament are so superb. (he is also a very big boy) Surrounded by other dogs of all ages, doing what dogs normally do, Pan quietly laid at my feet and just watched all the drama as each unfolded.
Not only as Pan's #1 fan, but as an Animal Control Officer and considered an expert in animal behavior, I feel compelled to tell you that you are a credit to GSD breeders everywhere.  I'm proud to own one of your dogs.
R. Sellers

Hi, Jackie.

I know it's only been a couple of days since I picked up my puppy, "Trinka".

Thank you.  I love this puppy so much.  She is so full of energy.  She didn't like her wire crate at first, but today she went in on her own and went right to sleep.  I was so proud of her.  She has her own personal fan and she listens to classical music when I'm gone.

I can't thank you enough for this puppy, so thanks again.

I just wanted to update you on Panzer. I adore him!  At only 4 months old, he has been in tracking training for a month and he seems to be a natural at it. He is doing very well with his obedience. He heels, sits, and downs on command. He is learning to stay and his recall was excellent today.
He is one of the calmest shepherds I have ever had. Nothing upsets him; not banging shopping carts, people appearing out of nowhere, cars driving by, kids bouncing balls in front of him. Merry go rounds, or falling objects.

Robin S

Hi Jackie,

Just wanted to tell you – my puppy is beyond amazing. She arrived Tues evening in great spirits –played with her sister a bit before we left the airport for home – and arrived in the house as if she owned the place –which she does. Home now almost a week – not a single “mistake” in the house!!  Great, great spirit. I absolutely adore her.

Thank you for producing such a wonderful puppy!  Pictures will follow, though all to date are of her sleeping – she’s too fast to photograph when awake. I love her.....Vana

Thanks a lot Jackie, we will keep this photo page forever. We call him Rocky, he is amazing. He is so attached to all of us already. He loves his new house and yard. This guy is almost already house broken! He already cries to be let out and has had only a few accidents. He learns very fast. He is eating and drinking well. You certainly produce the finest GSDs. 
Take care
Rudy and family

Hi Jackie,

     I've been meaning to send you some pics. and to let you know how Tino has been. He is from Tino and Daisy (HB1Alt2). You might remember us, Steve gave him to me with an engagement ring on the collar back in Aug. 01. Well, he is absolutely THE BEST ANIMAL ON THIS PLANET!!!!  And I'm not the only one who thinks this.   And as you'll see in the pics - he has two younger "sisters"  to look after now Ruby will be 3 in July and Kathy will be 1 in June. He is just wonderful and you'll be happy to know he is NOT FAT!   Many people comment on how "skinny" he is- the ones that don't know.  He is about 92 lbs. Well, I just wanted to let you know - sorry it took so long to do so. He is wonderful and a very big part of my life. Thank you. LeeAnn


I couldn't wait to show you pictures of little Leddy. She has adjusted so well and has made herself right at home. Ziggie has decided she is his puppy and herds her everywhere. He is so funny and possessive of her. What a doll and a character she is. Anyway we will keep you informed. Thanks, Mia

hey jackie,

just thought i would send you an update on JORN. he is 13 weeks old and just perfect. he has been potty trained (since he got here) and doing well with JOEY our daughter who is 18 months old. he has an awesome personality, just what we were looking for. he is a wonderful puppy and very good looking. thank you so very much for providing a wonderful pet. i can't say enough on how wonderful he is.

I've included a picture of him at 12 weeks old. his ears are up and he is as healthy as can be. Anne, Joey, and I want to again to thank you so very much for everything. it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Jesse C

Hi Jackie,

Our new boy (nicknamed Apollo) is doing just great, adjusted quickly to sleeping in his crate at night, and the outside kennel during the day. He's was pretty much potty trained after three days. Our vet says he's a healthy lil boy, his next visit is in about a week. He does like to run around and try to play with Shaq (older shepherd), but they both seem to be adjusting quite well. Shaq doesn't seem to know what to make of this little thing trying to chase him around the yard. We don't allow the pup off the leash, or leave him unsupervised while Shaq is around. We'll send you some pics when we can, Have a good day Jackie.


Hi Jackie:

I know you probably hear this a lot.; but Mancer is the best pup from the M-litter. He is so cute and smart. He knows his name already. He comes when you say 'Mancer come." He has not made a mistake in his kennel yet. We do not use paper, we walk him. We walked him every two hours. Now he let us know when he needs to go out. He says, "yep-yep-yep" We take him out of his kennel and he heads to the door. Bronson (our other dog from you a few years ago)  is enjoying Mancer.


Hi Jackie,

Well after much thought and debate I think I have finally come up with a name: Lady Tessa vom Grunenfeld -- Tess to her friends.

I can not tell you how thrilled I am with her! If I had to describe Tess in one word, it would be CONFIDENT. She steals bones and toys from my MUCH LARGER German Shepherd and runs off with them. They spent most of last evening chasing each other around the living room.

She knows "no" and minds very well. Her intelligence and temperament and superior personality is very apparent! I am absolutely thrilled with my little Tessie. Even though I have only had her three days, I can't imagine life without her and I am quite sure nether can Axel. Now my cat Mabel, on the other hand . . . . . I will send you updates and photos.

Thanks very much!
Cindy W


Glad to see you breeding Pharaoh and Ivory again. I purchased one of the pups from the last litter.

I have to say the Indy (Indefatigable) is the best German Shepherd that I have ever owned. I have in the past owned many very good shepherds, but this one Is absolutely wonderful. He is Intelligent, Beautiful, Strong, Protective and Fantastic with the Kids, and he will not be even a year old for two days. You breed amazingly great dogs...

Thanks, David K. Julian Ca.

Hello Jackie-

Just as an interesting note- I get many remarks when I walk him on how beautiful he is. But this morning I had him out at a local park and I ran into Diane Keaton (famous actress) and her children. She immediately wanted to meet Jolly. She was very nice and she proclaimed him the most beautiful dog she'd ever seen! He was the perfect puppy and gave many licks and much tail wagging.

Thanks, Tammy

Hello Jackie,

I just finished re-reading your Grunenfeld Puppy Feeding and General Care Information. I really appreciate such an excellent resource. It's been quite a while since we had a German Shepherd puppy (boy, are we excited!) so this is very helpful and appreciated. We'll keep it, follow it, and refer back to it over time.

Thank you! Best regards, Garet

Hi Jackie,

I just wanted to tell you that my Obelix puppy grew up to be such a nice dog. He is going to be 5 years old this month, and I really am shocked at that. He is beautiful and really just the friendliest dog. Everywhere we go people go on about how beautiful he is and BIG. He loves all people and has never met a dog he did not like either. I know he would protect me if there was a need but so far he has been able to be his friendly self in every situation. He carries an object everywhere. He has toys all over the property, and he is always coming upon another one with great joy, and he immediately trades it for the object he was already carrying, which is why they are laying all over in the first place.

We are moving to Arizona next Friday and I have had to make a lot of trips over there. He has gone on almost all of the trips and he is a really good traveling companion. This last trip I went without human companionship but I did not notice since my dog was along. I was really tired coming home (Ca.) and took a wrong turn in the dark and ended up going out of my way by quite a few miles. Well, Cody was passed out in the back sleeping, and when I started going on about thinking I was going the wrong way, he got up in the front seat and was sitting peering out the windshield like he was trying to help figure out if we were going the right way or what. He looked so much like a worried person, he was hunched over and had a frown, and I was cracking up and really grateful he was along. When we got back on track I told him thanks for being there for me. He just looked at me and got in the back and passed back out again.

Thanks for selling me an adorable puppy who really turned out to be a great dog. I have meant to write and thank you a long time ago but time passes way faster than I am noticing any more, hence my shock that my little puppy is turning 5 years old on the 22nd of May.


Ellen Harris and Mister Cody Vom Grunenfeld


I hope all is well... as always, trying to determine if I need to get my Shepherd a little brother.

Just want you to know that everyone compliments me on the temperament of my dog from the Vet, to his trainer, to everyone he meets... I always praise the breeder... thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job.

Take care, Lisa

Hey Jackie,

Everything in Sioux City, Iowa is great...Getting ready for Police K-9 Narcotics Detection trials in April, Field Trials in September and Police K-9 Nationals in October.  This is my year...I want to win Region 21 (again) and place in the top 10 at nationals.  Czar will be three this year so I want to finish in the top 10.  Missed a false start last year and it cost me 15 points and finished 34th instead of 17th at Atlantic city...Still not bad for a 2 year old huh.......His health is great and he is beautiful....Still catching alot of bad guys and getting about 3 pounds of methamphetamine a month on average off the street.  I wish all this meth would stop coming here from California, but I guess it is job security....I have done 4 K-9 dogs now from puppies, and just something about your shepherds sticks out...Thanks for sending me Czar...He has made everyday going to work a blast....Can you believe they pay me for riding around in a police car with a dog and catching bad guys..ha ha....My goal is to send you a picture of me and Czar next to a National Champion trophy. I know I can get in the top 10 and just working hard to be number one. Just wanted to say hi...Mike

Hi Jackie

I thought I should write and tell you how things are doing. Heidi (born June 2002) has been the best dog I have ever had. We spend every day together and go everywhere. I took some pictures to show you how pretty she is now. Thank you very much for everything. If you are ever in Burbank feel free to come see her.

David A (1-31-04)


Hi Jackie,

We are so delighted with our choice of "pink," forever known now as Liebling.

She has settled in and her true personality is now coming out. She is appropriately cautious but will investigate on her own. She puts herself to bed around 9:00 p.m. and with one "busy" at 11:00 pm can usually last until between 6 and 7 am. We have had no loose stools (we added the rice cereal for a couple of days) and no problems eating with the exception of dinner the first night - to be expected. She has begun chasing Hagrid, the 3 1/2 year old GSD, around the yard. We have been to the grocery store, the eye doctor, the material store, the eyeglasses store, the post office, mailboxes etc., the bank. Of course not all in one day, over the past few days. She can already go up the stairs to the second floor. She has signalled to go out several times by scratching and crying at the back door. No accidents in the crate at night.

I look forward to keeping you posted on Liebling's progress as a guide dog. It was a pleasure buying from you.

Ann and Liebling

Hi Jackie,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful puppy Saide has been. I was expecting a handful considering she is a puppy, but that has not been the case. She seems so mature for her 9 weeks. She has adjusted really well and is extremely well behaved. During night time she sleeps in a kennel next to my bed, and for the last 3 nights I have not heard a peep from her. Wow. I had bought myself some earplugs before she arrived to prepare me for the night but I have no use for them. She is wonderful . She is also a very fast learner already learning basic commands. On the second day she was here she already picked up the potty command and knows exactly where to go to the bathroom. This was the area I was most concerned with, but she made it so very easy on me. It amazes me that she is only a little puppy. The family jokes that she is better behaved than the older dogs.

I want to thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family

take care, davidlee (1-2-04)

Hi Jackie:

Just a note to let you know that Racy went to the vet today and received her last distemper and corona and also her rabies shot. Her fecal was negative and she received her micro chip. Dr. Gary Sparshu liked her, and so did everyone at the vet office. My girl friend is the office manager and she raises and shows German Shepherds and asked all about where I got our Racy from. Another older couple was in there and just happen to be showing pictures of their German Shepherds that went to the Specialty in Florida a few weeks ago? They wanted to know where I got Racy and all about it. They really loved her and she really butter's up to everyone. Dr. Sparshu had me take Racy down the hallway at the vet's office and really checked out her moves. He is a AKC judge. Of course, she had to show off to all, and every vet in there came out in the hallway to watch!!!

We love her so much!! I tell everyone, if you want a good GSD, check out your website.

Take care, Kathy


I can't express enough how thankful and respectful I am of your breeding program...We have one of your male puppies from "S" litter Obelix/Olympia. I take him everywhere and people....dog owners...stop me and just stare at him and say he is honestly the best representative of a real German Shepherd they have ever seen. You were honest with us when you said you breed for temperament. My trainer always singles "Major" out in the group classes (all german sheps and rots) as the best he has seen in 30 years. My "Major" is truly loving and friendly with my 3 children, and beautiful....not to mention...HUGE.....

Thank you for your attention to detail!


Hello Jackie.

We soooo love our dogs. We are spending lots of time with them, taking them with us everywhere we can and they are behaving well.  When we go out in public, people stop us to tell us "Oh, you have beautiful dogs" at least once an hour!!

Thanks,  Anna

Hi Jackie:

Racy is doing so good and still playing with the other dogs just fine. She is growing up and looking so GREAT!!! We love her, and everyone that comes into work has to pet her. The kids that come into work are drawn to her so fast, and Racy just loves the kids!!! Everyone says she is absolutely beautiful!! Her ears are starting to stay up now and that just makes her look even sweeter.

I will send pictures to you soon,

Thank you for such a fabulous puppy and best friend,

Kathy and Jim

Hi Jackie,
 Just thought I would write and let you know what a wonderful pup Lex is. I've enclosed two pix.  He is loving, sweet, and full of mischief. I get compliments on him daily. People stop me all the time to tell me what a beautiful dog I have. He is indeed a credit to your breeding program. We live near the ocean and Lex goes down there every morning to play ball and run with the other dogs. He is very happy with his life by the sea. Thank you so much for caring enough to produce wonderful dogs.


Echo is really a great pup – I don’t have much experience with lots of breeds, but she sure learns fast.  She’s been great with our kids and can stay calm most of the time even if they are jumping around.  We can’t wait to be able take her out on real walks once she has her last shots.  

I’ll send another photo in a couple of weeks –


Hi Jackie and family,

It was a pleasure meeting you and your dog-kids.  We are extremely happy with Okalani.  She is terrific.  I didn't realize how much I missed having a dog around.  I don't think any home should be without one.

I also wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your dogs.  They are incredible.   I couldn't believe their temperaments.  I'm hoping Okalani will be just as wonderful as they are. 

Thanks again for giving us a wonderful addition to our family. 

- Patti

Hi Jackie,

I was just watching Aries sleep and thought I'd drop a line to let you know how he's doing. There are so many great stories to tell for just 14 weeks old! I'm not sure where to start so I'll just summarize the finer points. This little guy has been amazing. Three little words: temperament, temperament, temperament. Outstanding!

He has proved time and again that he knows when it's O.K. to play a little rough and when to be very gentle. He even lets the little 10 lb. Border Terrier puppy beat him up (until he decides enough is enough) but never hurts her. We met a 4 mo. old Shepherd- Doberman mix the other day and he put the older pup in it's place when they played (no aggression just play.) I take him around as many people and new places as I can come up with and he absorbs it all and loves it (especially car rides.) He just loves children, especially little girls (he's all male!)

His intelligence never ceases to amaze either. I swear he came pre trained the day he came home. He learns new things I teach very quickly. I know he's ahead of most all pups his age. He gets compliments on how well behaved he is everywhere we go. Thanks for producing such a wonderful animal. See attached to see how big and handsome he's getting.

Take Care,


Hi  Jackie,

Our puppy, Trekker, is eight months old today.  He weighs 71 lbs.  Should we continue with his egg - he really loves it.  We have been through one obedience training, and we are planning another intermediate one.  Do you know of any Schutzhund trainers in the L.A. area?   Trekker is very protective of my wife.  She feels very secure when I leave on business.  He is doing well on his stay and sit.  He does well on the heeling, Hope all is well with you and your dogs. 

Thank you, Georgia & John

Hello Jackie,

Sarge is a great dog. He is really magnificent. He's good with the kids and just a joy to have around. He even goes camping and canoeing with us already. I have been asked repeatedly where I got him, and on 2 occasions, people have said "He's not from around here, where did you get him?" This was from a woman who shows shepherds here, and also from our trainers at puppy school .(I asked how they knew that he wasn't from here and they basically said that he was too gorgeous.)

Thanks again for a great dog!


Hi Jackie,
Fritz was the first GS I ever owned who was not bothered by the noise of the 4th of July.   He was in the house a good part of the day but while he was outside he just looked in the direction of the noise.  He was not the least bit afraid.  He is really a good family protector.  You sold us an excellent dog.
Jeanne and Lowell


Just wanted to give you a quick update on my puppy – since we recently celebrated his first birthday… he’s just doing great and the pride of my day… we’re just having a fantastic time together and couldn’t ask for a better pup.

I should be able to get you a picture in the near future so you can see what a handsome young man he’s turning into.

Was wondering if you are planning an all black litter sometime this year, I saw that you had one a few months ago. I may have to send you a deposit for a new puppy to keep Becket company… let me know what you think.

I just gush about your breeding facility and outlook… everyone always comments on what a well mannered, well behaved, social… and good looking dog I have – I thank you every time.

Hope all is well.