Vom Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde Contact information:

Located Near Kansas City

Phone: 913-210-4432, Email 4GermanShep@gmail.com

Please check through the web site as you will find most of your questions answered here, and please contact me if you have unanswered questions, or if you wish to purchase one of my dog-kids...Thank you. :-)

The fastest way to reach me is by email.  I am usually outside with the dogs, or am gone training dogs, or am busy with clients, so I am not often by the phone, however please do feel free to call and I will get back to you as soon as I can.. Please tell me what time zone you are in, and when is a good time to call you.

If you would like to visit in person I would love to schedule an appointment for you to come and meet the dogs. It is best to contact me a few days before you would like to come out so I can set aside time for just you :-)

Fastest way is Email: 4GermanShep@gmail.com  Slowest way is by phone 913-210-4432. No calls before 8 AM or after 9 PM Central Time. 

Long hair is no longer considered a show fault! Finally the beautiful long hair dogs (that look as big as a Bear!) are considered Show Quality!

Reserve Your Puppy

You may reserve a puppy by submitting a Holding Deposit. The Holding Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. If for un-for-seen reasons a puppy is not available in the litter, the Holding Deposit is credited towards the next available puppy that matches your reservation. 

I want my puppies in happy 'forever' homes. Buying a puppy should be a well thought out decision, not done on the spur of the moment.

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