Grunenfeld German Shepherds as Home and Family Protection Dogs



I found the bad guy hiding here!


We've all seen the ads on TV. You know, the ones that show the lady alone in her home. You see her press the security code in to the key pad to arm the home security system. She screams as the BAD GUY breaks in looking like he is about to rob and assault the woman and her children. The alarm goes off.

Somehow she always has a telephone with in reach and is INSTANTLY called by the security company and is told not to worry, help is on the way as they will notify the local law enforcement to respond to help.

Sounds good, right? Think that is enough? Even IF you have a phone handy....even IF the Security company does call you immediately....then what? Do you have any idea how long it takes for local Police to get there? Don't get me wrong, I am VERY pro Police and Military. A large number of the people that buy my dogs ARE Police or Military personnel, and they buy my dogs to protect THEIR homes and families. Why do you think that is???

Our Police are over worked, (under paid) and over extended. Cities and towns are doing all they can to stretch their budgets. The Police WANT to be able to come to your aid and protect and serve as fast as possible. The reality is, the response times can be so long that by the time they get there, all they can do is investigate the crime scene because the robbery and assault has already happened, and the BAD GUY has already fled the scene.

Most criminals are in and out in 10 minutes or less. Response times for Police are usually 20-30 minutes. Do the your family really safe with just the home alarm system? The obvious answer is Not On Your Life (or the lives of your family).

Let's say you are one of the few well trained and armed private citizens. Do you have your weapon on your body or with in reach at all times? Is it safe to have your weapon with in reach of your children or neighbor children that may visit your home? Will you have the time, skill, and presence of mind to have and use your weapon effectively? Do you know how many citizens will hesitate? In that moment the Bad Guy may take your own gun from you and shoot you with it! What if you DO shoot the Bad Guy and you actually stop him/them. Are you aware the criminal (or his family if you kill him) may SUE you? The Police may arrest you. You could go to jail yourself! Is a gun the only way to protect your home and family?

Well, what about a different breed of dog, or a German Shepherd from a different breeder? ANY dog is better than NO dog. Doubt it? Ask any Police officer you see on patrol. They will tell you any dog is better than no dog. But, those cute Labradors, Goldens, Terriers, mixed breeds, or 'doodle designer dogs' may bark, which is helpful, but Bad Guys do not avoid every home with a dog. They act aggressively towards the dog, and if the dog backs up, they know the dog will only make noise and won't actually take action to stop them from doing what ever they want.

Now, consider how different it would be with a Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherd which has been bred for exceptional Courage, Loyalty, Protective Instincts, Intelligence, Temperament and Impressive appearance. Imagine the BAD GUY (or several of them) lurking outside your home. Before he/they can even try to enter your home, your Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherd has detected them and warns them, "come in here, and I will be waiting for you".

The best time to stop a robbery or attack is before it happens, not after the Bad Guy(s) have already broken in. The Bad Guys can not take your dog from your grasp and use it against you like they may be able to do with a gun. Your Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherd is a happy, loving family member capable of going with you where ever you wish, and who can deter Bad Guys so they go rob or assault someone else instead. Your Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde dog will bring you pleasure, companionship and security beyond anything you will experience from your Home Alarm system, and you can not be shot with your dog by the Bad Guy.

Your Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherd will adapt to your home and environment. If you raise your puppy with your family it will bond to all of you. All dogs need proper socialization and training to be well mannered, and your Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherd has been carefully bred from breeding stock that is highly intelligent and very trainable. Yes, puppies are work to raise, but I can teach you how to do so effectively, and puppies grow up quickly. Your family and your home security is worth the effort you put in to raising your Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherd!

A well trained and well socialized Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherd is a good idea for the protection of your home and family. While nothing in life gives 100% protection, you will greatly improve the odds that your family and home will be safe and secure when you have a Grunenfeld Schwarze-Hunde German Shepherd as part of your family.

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