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Imagine your Peace of Mind when your home and family are protected by a Courageous and Loving Grunenfeld German Shepherd! Security.

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Welcome to my site! I have been a well respected and very successful German Shepherd breeder for more than 40 years. German Shepherds are my passion and my life’s work. NOT ALL GERMAN SHEPHERDS ARE CREATED EQUAL! To be an excellent breeder takes a lot of knowledge and skill. I have studied genetics, and European / German Shepherd bloodlines since 1976.  Because of this, I am able to produce the very best quality and temperament for my German Shepherd puppy buyers. I want YOU to be happy, and I want my puppies to be happy and in forever homes.


Most people that buy my German Shepherd puppies do so to because my dogs are very loving and loyal family dogs, but also have very well developed natural protective instincts to guard their home and family. Let’s be honest, if you are not wanting a dog that is going to be protective you would be looking for a sweet and passive dog like a Labrador or Golden. Those are very lovely dogs, but as the saying goes, they will ask the burglar or attacker to please throw the ball for them once they are done with their dastardly deeds. Most people get a German Shepherd with the expectation that the dog will protect them….and it will, IF it has been bred to do so. Many German Shepherds these days are what I call Golden Retrieves dressed in a German Shepherd suit. They no longer have the needed protective instincts that made the German Shepherd famous in the first place.


Why do I use European/German bloodlines in my German Shepherd kennel? It is because the dogs are tested for health, temperament AND COURAGE. This way the breed maintains the character and protective traits that made the German Shepherd famous in the first place.  

 I am very careful as to what dogs I include in my breeding program. I want to be sure the dog does not ‘Just look good on paper’, but that it is an excellent dog in all ways. I studied the German language in college so I could talk to the breeders directly each time I traveled to Germany to select new stud dogs and bloodlines to import back to my kennel. Here are a few of the males I selected and brought home to the USA

My first German Shepherd (a bi-color) was born in the USA, with European and police dog bloodlines. I carefully selected which dogs to add into the breeding program generation after generation using world famous working and show dogs, mostly from Germany. Some of my puppies have been from direct imports, and others have up to 9 generations of my selected breeding program behind them. I get very consistent results.


I bred Solid Black, and bi-colors (mostly black), as well as the traditional Black red/tan saddle style in San Diego CA  from 1976 until 2017. That is when I simi-retired and moved to Kansas. I continue to breed the BEST SOLID BLACK GERMAN SHEPHERDS IN THE USA and TOP Black/Red Bi Color dogs! No one has ever matched the accomplishments of my foundation sire Eros!

I have many accomplishments with my dogs, all raised, trained and shown by me. I hope you will go to my About Us page and read more details about my experience and my dogs as I want you to feel confident that if you buy a German Shepherd puppy from me that you will be happy with your puppy.. The more you know about me and my dogs, the better choice you can make as to if you feel one of my German Shepherds will be the right dog for you.

My German Shepherd puppies are well socialized and handled daily so they are very well bonded to people. This means they will adapt to your home and family easily once you take your puppy home. The puppies are born in my spare bedroom which I call ‘the nursery’, and when I am not in the room with them, I am monitoring them on the baby camera. I make sure every one of my dog babies gets off to the best possible start!

My puppies come with a written sales agreement and written health guarantee, as well as detailed Puppy Care information, and guidelines on how to teach your puppy proper manners. Contrary to popular belief, there is no reason to put up with months (or years) of rude puppy behavior waiting for the puppy to ‘outgrow’ it. By following my guidelines, you will not have to put up with nipping, jumping up, etc. It is better to teach the puppy how to behave from the beginning so the puppy learns manners in the first few weeks. Sure, they are babies and will not be as well trained as an adult, but they will be well on the way to being a blessing to your home rather than a curse.

I will share a story here. I retire me females from the breeding program while they are still young. Many of my girls go on to a second career as a service or therapy dog. I was sitting at my Veterinarian’s office with Bristol. Of course, Bristol was laying quietly and calmly on a loose leash next to me in the waiting office. We waiting to get her heath certificate so she could move to Hawaii to be a service dog there. Bristol and I were both watching the ‘parade’ of rude and unruly dogs come in, and watched their owners trying their best to control their dogs as they barked, lunged or just generally were jumping all over the place. I felt sorry for the owners of the dogs as well as the dogs. Life does not have to be like that. (I owned and ran an all breed dog training school for over 25 years as well as running my German Shepherd breeding kennel).

The owner of a Golden had shoved the back end of the dog under the chair in the waiting room so he could hold the dog’s collar with both hands to try to keep her from jumping on everyone. The owner looked over at my German Shepherd Bristol laying perfectly beside me and asked me, “How long does it take for them to grow up and act like your dog? My Golden is 2 years old”. I told the Golden owner that it is training, not age that makes a well behaved dog. And yes, it is easier if you start with a puppy that is selectively bred to have a high desire to please and is highly intelligent like mine, but all dogs can learn polite manners. My guidelines will help you achieve that happy level of control where you will be able to take your dog with you anywhere and know it will be a pleasant experience for you both!

Service Dog Bristol in her new home in Hawaii

Please take some time and read some of the other pages on my site .You will find out more on the About Us page (CLICK HERE), and also find a lot of general German Shepherd info (CLICK HERE), and general dog info as well that you will find helpful whether you buy one of my German Shepherds or not. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! I love to talk to dog lovers, and especially German Shepherd lovers!

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 Remember, QUALITY is not cheap…it is PRICELESS!